X27 Color Night Vision Camera

There’s night vision cameras, and then SPi Infrared’s X27 ColorVision, which is so sensitive to light that it can pick up light beams from laser pointers. Unlike standard cameras, this one utilizes special algorithms that enable the sensor to see in extreme low-light environments. The camera itself is a 10 megapixel fully-digital, solid-state system, with a 5 million-equivalent ISO rating – Canon’s ME20F-SH clocks in at 4 million ISO – and its low noise and high sensitivity is accompanied by 1920 x 1080 HD resolution at up to 60 FPS (optional 120 FPS). Read more for another video shot in extreme low-light conditions, and additional information.

The rugged design was developed with military use in mind, but many have been used in documentaries and wildlife excursions. It comes with a 32 mm lens, but you can also choose from 22mm, 37mm, 60mm, 88mm, 152mm lenses for your kit. In the battlefield, this camera can be integrated with night vision sights, scopes, binoculars and UAVs.