DriveSavers Unlock Any iPhone

Data recovery specialists DriveSavers announced today the launch of a consumer service: unlocking smartphones, including Apple’s notoriously impossible to unlock iPhone. The company has allegedly developed a “new technology” that can unlock iOS or Android smartphones of any make or model with a 100 percent success rate in bypassing smartphone encryption. However, only the actual owner of a locked device can use this service, or to their next of kin if they are deceased, and it costs $3,900 per device. Read more for another video and additional information.

“The passcode on an iPhone is encrypted, so not even Apple is able to access a device once it is locked. There are ways to remotely wipe the device, but retrieving information like texts, photos, and other on-device data not stored in the cloud is supposed to be technically impossible, at least not without exploiting a high-level vulnerability,” reports The Verge.

How do we verify the owner of a device? We understand that there may be no perfect solution to this issue. However, we attempt to validate the legal right to access the data during all phases of the recovery process. This starts with the information gathered during the intake process. We also have a legal authorization form requiring specific information identifying the right to the data.