Xiaomi Folding Mobile Phone

Xiaomi president and co-founder Lin Bin has confirmed that the company will be releasing a folding mobile phone by posting a teaser on Weibo earlier this week. Unlike similar devices previewed by its competitors, this flexible device can fold on both sides, and the UI automatically adjusts. “After tackling flexible folding display, four-way folding hinge, flexible cover tech, MIUI adaptation and other technical challenges, we have made the first foldable phone, and should also be the world’s first dual-folding phone. This symmetrically dual-outer-folding form factor perfectly merges the experience of a tablet and a phone, it’s both practical and beautiful. Even though it’s still a prototype, we’re showing it to you all. Feel free to share, comment and like. If you all like it, we will consider mass producing it. Also, we would like to give this prototype a name. What do you think? I have two: Mi Dual Flex, Mi MIX Flex. Suggestions are welcome,” said Bin’s post on Weibo. Read more a collection of fascinating images from around the web.

15. Ghostbusters 3 Coming in July 2020

It’s happening!!! Dr. Peter Venkman back on the job.

14. Skeletal

I did not know….

13. Trabzon, Turkey

I'd never stop looking out that window.

12. Mass Effect

Meankitteh cosplay as Commander Shepard

11. This Exists

Banana which has a consistency of ice cream and a flavor similar to Vanilla…

10. Surreal

The endangered Mexican Alligator Lizard

9. Eagle-Shaped

Cloud eagle over Zacatecas (Mexico) August 2017

8. Instagram Photo to Anime Character

Which one is your favorite 1-7?

7. Gamer’s Dream

Project Game Room

6. In an Alternate Universe

Marvel Art

5. Medieval

Weird helmets from history

4. Northern Lights

Lapland, Finland.

3. Coins Turned Art

Coin engraving by Narimantas Palšis

2. The More You Know

TIL Alligators chill in an icy swamp with their noses above the ice… then unthaw and are fine

1. Hollywood Needs to Make This Happen

Holywood Stars as Mortal Kombat Characters 

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