Xiaomi In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
Xiaomi has unveiled a new in-display fingerprint sensor with a much larger active area, or at least compared to the one used on their Mi 8 flagship phone released last year. Weibo post by president and co-founder Lin Bin has just posted a video showcasing Xiaomi’s prototype phone with a new fingerprint sensor that covers an active area of 25 x 50mm. In other words, users can unlock it by even tapping in the middle of the display. Read more to see it in-action and for additional information.

“Xiaomi isn’t the only company working on larger in-display fingerprint sensors. Early last year Vivo showed off a concept phone called the Apex which featured a ‘half-screen’ sensor; it was more like a third in reality, however, and was missing from the Nex, the eventual shipping version of the Apex. And just this week Oppo announced that it’ll release phones this year with a fingerprint sensor that’s 15 times larger than previous implementations, although it didn’t provide specific dimensions,” reports The Verge.

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