Xbox Emulator Switch
Programmer Voxel9 managed to get the XQEMU Xbox emulator running on a Nintendo Switch and uploaded a video showing a few games running, including the first Halo. “Yep, you read the title right, XQEMU successfully compiles and runs on a Nintendo Switch running the new updated Linux4Tegra Ubuntu…I’m running mborgerson’s performance WIP branch…For those wondering what exactly I was using for input, I had to use a PS4 controller, as joy-cons connected as a pair don’t appear to have an SDL2 gamepad mapping for them, making them undetectable by the emulator,” said Voxel9. Read more for the video and additional information.

“We didn’t get to test things for ourselves but the video shows the emulator running. Starting with it being compiled in the Linux command prompt up to showing the Xbox one dashboard and individual games. It also runs about as rough as you would expect the notoriously finicky Xbox emulation software to run on lower-end device like the Switch,” reports Kotaku.