Yogitype Keyboard

Unlike other keyboards, the Yogitype Keyboard attempts to set a new standard in ergonomics by encouraging a natural, comfortable posture, reducing muscle tension. Wrists are not bent and are supported by a moveable wrist support, and key input requires minimal effort. However, if you were to stumble upon this accessory for the first time, it could leave you puzzled to say the least. Continue reading for a video about another bizarre keyboard.

The SafeType Keyboard is allegedly the only one that can place the user in a completely orthopedically neutral position while performing data entry, and cannot be adjusted improperly by the user. It works by eliminating the 3 most damaging postures: Extension, Deviation and Pronation. Simply use a hand-shake position with palms facing each other, and with your index fingers on the familiar ‘home’ keys you begin to type It is familiar in layout so there is no re-training required for a touch typist.