Road workers discovered an extremely well preserved, 700-year-old mummy that dates back to the Ming Dynasty – “the ruling power in China between 1368 and 1644.” Inside the coffin, there was also bones, ceramics, ancient writings and other relics. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Director of the Museum of Taizhou, Wang Weiyin, told Xinhua that the mummy’s clothes are made mostly of silk, with a little cotton. He said usually silk and cotton are very hard to preserve and excavations found that this mummifying technology was used only at very high-profile funerals.

The first finding of the Ming Dynasty in Taizhou dates from May 1979 and led the opening of the museum. At that time the bodies were also found intact, but due to lack of experience of archaeologists only clothing, belts and clamps could be preserved.

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