From afar, this is as real as a Ferrari F40 gets, but to trained supercar enthusiasts, they’ll know right away something is off, and that’s because it’s a Lotec TT1000. Based on the Ferrari Testarossa, Lotec turbocharged its 5.0L 12-cylinder boxer engine in order to achieve 780 horsepower and 678 foot-pound of torque out at 12.3 psi of boost. That’s not all, all the body panels were replaced for an F40 lookalike made of carbon-kevlar composites just like on the original, and massive AP brakes, along with a fully adjustable suspension were installed, in order to keep this monstrous beast safe on the road. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

According to Jalopnik, “The TT1000 promised to give its owners a thousand horsepower at higher pressures, and with all that kraft attacking the 335/35/17 rear tires, acceleration was down to 4.8 seconds simply due to the lack of grip. Lotec’s Testarossa topped out at 220 mph if you dared to put your foot down long enough.”