Real Lightsaber Burning

“The Hacksmith” has created a real-life lightsaber, or protosaber to be exact, but for those wondering why it doesn’t use a laser, it’s because the laser emitter would be the size of the room in order to get any actual cutting power. Containing plasma, like a plasma cutter, could be possible, but still difficult to make into lightsaber form. “Our design is the closest to a functional lightsaber, as it will be able to cut things, it looks like it, and it sounds like it. Remember, how a ‘lightsaber works’ is a work of fiction, invented by an author, not an engineer. The physics of how it’s ‘supposed to work’ just don’t,” said its creator. Continue reading for more real Star Wars lightsabers made by fans.

5. Burning Lightsaber

Burning Lightsaber

Electrical engineering student Allen Pan managed to create a real burning lightsaber and the device spits a neon flame ‘blade’ about a meter long, and can apparently double as a lighter. It uses a fuel mixture consisting of methanol, acetone and butane, through a nichrome ignition, as can be found in a model rocket, as well as a syringe valve in 3D printed casing.

4. Ultimate FX Lightsaber

Ultimate FX Lightsaber

You could either buy lightsaber props and toys from the internet, or have Michael Murphy, a 43-year-old artist, build you a custom one. For the past decade, this Star Wars fan has made his living making LED-powered lightsabers, and their internal chassis. He also runs a forum on his website, FX Sabers, where other modders talk about the custom lightsaber scene.

3. StyroPyro’s Lightsaber

StyroPyro Lightsaber

Star Wars fans rejoice! The dream of one day owning your personal lightsaber just got one step closer to reality, thanks to YouTuber “StyroPyro”. This 300mW hand-held blue laser can burn through cardboard, wood or a ping-pong ball without flinching. Sure, there aren’t any sound effects, but it definitely has that iconic glow and enough power to ignite anything flammable placed in its path. The 450 nm laser is housed in a custom handle, which runs on two lithium-ion batteries.

2. 7W Lightsaber

7W Lightsaber

Officially called the “SaberForge Reborn ASP Hilt,” this functional lightsaber of sorts boasts a NUBM44 450nm Laser Diode, 5A SXD Driver, a 25mm copper module from DTR, 5A rated wire, two 26650 batteries (Keeppower 5200mAh), a homemade contact board, 12mm toggle switch, 12mm 5.5×2.1mm socket, and an 8.4V 2.5A adapter for wall-plug charging. “I’ve been working on this video for months, but couldn’t find the time to complete it. This is a 7W 450nm laser that I built (basically from scratch) into a SaberForge ASP Reborn hilt,” said its creator.

1. Graflex Saber 2.0

Graflex Saber 2.0

We had to save the best for last, and Martin Beyer’s Graflex Saber 2.0 definitely fits the bill. The chassis is completely handcrafted and features a real blue Aqua Aura Quartz, CF 7,5 (by plecter labs) sound board, a 2W speaker, a triple CREE LED, and two 3.7V 14650 (1.1 A) batteries.

Bonus Video – Homemade TIE Silencer

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