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Geod Studios has just released their 3DSen PC emulator that turns some 2D NES games into 3D worlds, all in real-time. Not all NES ROMs are compatible, but 3DSen does currently support 70 games. Plus, it’s compatible with Steam input, gives players the ability to create save states, adds dynamic skyboxes, and soon, a first-person view. Read more for a video and additional information.

Some might be looking forward to First Person View, but Geod Studios is still figuring out the best way to implement this feature. So far, they are considering different render methods and curved space or sub voxel rendering. Future updates may also include rollback and fast forward features as well as support for more games in full 3D mode.

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The price of 3dSen may change after Early Access, depending on community feedback and the amount of content added during development. I listen to the community closely and I appreciate all your feedback. In the future, I would like to be even closer to the community. Please, keep sharing your thoughts and feedback with me – it’s super important for the future of the 3dSen,” said Geod Studio.


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