If you thought texting and driving was dangerous, these people take risky / bad driving to the next level. They range from people who appear to be drunk swerving between lanes to a guy who decides to play a musical instrument in traffic. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Off-Road U-Turn

Made the wrong turn? The normal course of action would be to find an alternate route to your destination, but this lady had another idea: go off-road and make an illegal u-turn. This must have not been the first time she’s done this, as there’s no expression of distress on her face.

4. Lucky

At :40 you’ll see a truck driver who falls asleep and veers off the side of the road. If this were an empty road, this might have been just something a tow truck could pull out of the ditch, but fortunately, the person in the truck it did hit managed to come out unscathed.

3. Speed Demon

The Nissan GT-R may be all-wheel-drive and massively powerful, but that doesn’t mean every owner is a professional driver. This guy decides to overtake someone in the passing lane, but gets some air time and loses control when the car hits the ground again.

2. Musical Instrument

We’ve heard of texting and driving, but playing an instrument while driving is definitely a first. On the other hand, he was providing entertainment for the other drivers who were stuck in traffic with him.

1. Drunk

While no official explanation was provided, it’s pretty obvious that this guy was either drunk or under the influence of something. Unfortunately, other drivers had to suffer the consequences of his poor driving as well. On the bright side, there didn’t appear to be any fatalities.

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