Analogue Nt Mini NES
A few years back Analogue released the Nt mini, and today, the company announced that they’ll be releasing an updated version in limited numbers, called the Nt mini Noir. Upgrades include a revised NES cartridge slot, an updated user interface, and a new 8BitDo 2.4g NES controller that will come bundled with the console. The Noir edition features a gunmetal finish, gold plated I/Os, and transparent controller ports. Read more for a video of the original Nt Mini and additional information.

While it may play both Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom game cartridges, it does come at a hefty price, or $499 to be exact. For those who are diehard retro gamers, this may be worth the money, as you’re able to place a pre-order one today, and snag additional controllers for $25 a piece. More information here.

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