Koncepto Millenya Flying Car

Here’s another look at Koncepto Millenya, a flying vehicle that was handcrafted by Filipino inventor Kyxz Mendiola over the past six years. It makes use of 16 motors, 16 propellers, and 16 computers, with the initial carbon fiber prototype capable of flying at up to 20 feet, while offering enough power for a flight time of 10-15 minutes. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Mendiola’s ‘flying car’ set the internet abuzz a couple months ago and attracted the interest of Star 8, an Australian company specializing in electric vehicles. Star 8 was so impressed with Mendiola’s creation that they’ve partnered up and intend on commercializing a vehicle similar to the Koncepto Millenya. Current plans call for an electric manned aerial vehicle to be launched with seating for up to two passengers and a combined weight of 200 kg (440 lbs). If the vehicle sees the light of day, it will be called the ‘Future 8’,” reports Car Scoops.