Apple AirPods 3
Photo credit: Jack Doda
We may have gotten a sneak peak at the next-generation AirPods with noise-cancellation technology in Apple’s new iOS 13.2 beta. How so? Buried in the beta’s Accessibility settings folder is an icon that appears to show a pair of AirPods with rubber ear tips. Plus, that folder also references a device with an internal codename of B298. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Chinese-based 52 Audio released pictures a few months back of what they claimed was “AirPods 3” or “third-generation AirPods” with an all-new design, and those images seem to hold true. This means instead of the AirPods design you’re used to, these will sport interchangeable rubber ear tips for a perfect fit. When will they be released? It’s rumored that they’ll be introduced in a press conference later this month, with a release some time at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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