Apple Augmented Reality Glasses
H/T: The Information /Photo credit: Martin Hajek | iDropNews
Apple’s long rumored AR glasses could be released sooner than expected, and possibly even late this year. Its currently in the second phase of development with over 1,000 engineers and researchers working on the project. Allegedly, the lenses use a polarized system, similar technology found in 3D movie glasses. This system creates the illusion of depth using stereoscopic images, similar to other AR and VR devices currently on the market from Microsoft, Magic Leap and Oculus. Read more for a video and additional information.

The main issue are the AR lenses due to their composition of multiple, extremely thin layers of different synthetic materials. Unfortunately, each of these layers are susceptible to bubbles, scratches and other marks, thus forcing them to be manufactured in dust-free zones known, or clean rooms in technical speak. The final production glasses would pair with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and then display information directly in front of your eyes.

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