Bandai Pokemon Gengar Plush Sleeping Companion
At $250, Bandai’s Gengar “Sleeping Companion” may not be the most budget-friendly plush toy, but it’s not just something to hold or sit on a shelf. Simply unroll the creature’s tongue and you have yourself a sleeping pad of sorts, or use it as a blanket. Need some privacy? Just unfurl the tongue and slide into Gengar’s mouth. However, if you’re taller than 5.5-feet, it may not work out perfectly since the tongue will not offer padding for the entire length of your body. Read more for a bonus video and additional pictures.

Bandai Gengar Sleeping Companion Plush
Bandai Gengar Sleeping Companion Plush
Bandai Gengar Sleeping Companion Plush
Currently, pre-orders are available on the official Premium Bandai website, with no official word yet on a worldwide release. This character made its first appearance in Pokémon Red and Blue during 1995, and later appeared in future sequels, spin-offs, merchandise, animated shows, and even printed adaptations of the franchise. On a related note, in the animated appearances, Gengar is voiced in Japanese by Kōichi Sakaguchi and in English localizations by Ted Lewis.

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Bonus Video