Beverage Cart O'Hare Airport
Jorge Manalang went to work at O’Hare International Airport on Monday and ended up “saving the day in Chicago.” How so? He managed to ram an out-of-control beverage cart on a tarmac with another vehicle before it could harm any of the numerous employees on the ground or the airplane right behind it. Someone managed to capture this event on camera and promptly uploaded it to social media. Read more to watch.

This rogue catering vehicle was parked by an Embraer 140 aircraft to load beverages for an outbound flight. Unfortunately, a case of water slipped onto the gas pedal during the loading process and sent the cart spinning wildly in reverse. It narrowly missed several employees standing in the area before Manalang, an Envoy ramp instructor jumped onto a push-back tug and intercepted the cart and flipped it over.

I’m incredibly proud of Jorge’s actions – he not only prevented severe damage to the aircraft, but more importantly, he prevented what could have been serious injury to his fellow ramp employees or our customers onboard. He demonstrated the ‘safety first’ focus that we have here at the hub – it’s the foundation of everything we do,” said Ricky Deane, Envoy vice president in Chicago.

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