Tesla Sentry Mode Keying Car
Alan Tweedie went about his day like any other in his 2018 Tesla Model 3, but this past Saturday morning, he came back to a big surprise after parking it at Legacy High School for his daughter’s nearby soccer game. He discovered that someone had keyed his vehicle, so he decided to check the footage captured by the Model 3’s nine motion-activated cameras located in several strategic places. Read more for the surveillance video and additional information.

Since then, he’s filed a report with Broomfield, Colorado police, as well as uploading the video of the keying captured by the Tesla Sentry Mode. Currently, the clip has garnered over 197,000 views on Facebook. The officers estimate the damage at around $2,000, and the woman could face felony charges.

You can feel down to bare metal and you can see it’s scratched all the way completely through the paint,” said Tweedie while showing off the large scratch, spanning the majority of the driver’s side of the car.