Blueooth Slippers Flip Flops Students Cheating
H/t: Oddity Central
Whether it be using small notes, smartphones disguised as calculators, and now, Bluetooth-connected slippers, students are finding new ways to cheat in school. The latest inventions has been popular recently in India, where criminal gangs sell these high-tech slippers for up to thousands of dollars. Why? A Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET) took place on September 26, and it’s been 2-years since it’s been administered. Read more for a video and additional information.

Since the REET is considered an important gateway to a teaching career in India, many have resorted to nefarious means for a better chance at passing. The internet is turned off statewide, including cell phone data, so these Bluetooth-connected slippers help one cheat by concealing a SIM card. The person wears a tiny Bluetooth earpiece and then communicates with someone on the outside. In other words, an outside accomplice would call the flip flops and then the relay of questions as well as answers would commence.

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Blueooth Slippers Flip Flops Students Cheating

The slippers had a sim card and the candidates had a tiny Bluetooth bug implanted in their ears. In one case, we had to take a doctor’s intervention to find the bug as it was so deeply implanted,” said one police officer to The National.