BMW 328 Hommage

The BMW 328 is one of the most popular luxury vehicles of all time, and to pay tribute, the Bavarian automaker created the BMW 328 Hommage. This one-off sports car was designed to mirror the aesthetic appeal of the original 328 while adding some modern touches, such as a carbon fiber reinforced plastic frame, which helps keep the curb weight at a mere 1,720-pounds. It’s powered by a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine, and features circular headlamps, a lung shaped double vertical grill, along with leather straps used to keep the hood closed. What you probably noticed first is its door-less design, and the windshield has been split in half to boot. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“To give the car a more retro look while keeping its futuristic feel, BMW’s designers took certain elements of the original 328 adapted them to their new roadster study. These include the slim and dare we say, much missed from BMW fans, vertically positioned double kidney grille, the leather straps across the bonnet, the styling of the wheels, and the double windscreen with a recess in the middle. The two seater interior has far fewer retro touches than the exterior with BMW’s designers going for a minimalistic look. The materials used inside include carbon fiber, leather and aluminum, all of which are purposely visible,” reports Car Scoops.

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