Brain Cells Culture Dish Forming Making Connections
Many science books contain images of brain cells making connections, but have you ever seen this phenomenon happen in real-life? Before we get to that, the links between neurons are basically called synapses, and it’s a connection where one cell talks to another. A brain cell, or a neuron, consists of a large main body with small strands sticking out. To communicate, one neuron, the transmitter, utilizes a really thin strand called an axon.

A second neuron, the receiver, is capable of receiving contacts along its main body, or along strands that branch out like a tree, called dendrites. When the axon tip of a transmitter connects to a receiver, that is known as a synapse. Neurons run on electricity, so if an electrical signal passes down an axon, its tip releases chemicals called neurotransmitters into the synapse. These then signal the receiver cell to either activate its own electrical charge, which sends the signal to the next neuron in the chain, or tell the receiver cell to stay quiet.

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