Bubble Kept Shape 465 Days
A team of scientists from France’s University of Lille have managed to create bubbles that held its shape for 465-days without popping. The study consisted of three different types of bubble: soap bubbles, water-based gas marbles, and water-glycerol-based gas marbles. The latter turned out to be the longest lasting, while soap bubbles were always the first to pop, typically in under one minute. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Bubble Kept Shape 465 Days
Why did the water-glycerol-based gas marble last the longest? The scientists believe that the glycerol was be able to absorb enough water from air to compensate for evaporation, thus stopping the bubble from draining enough water to pop. Practical uses for this type of bubble include as ‘armor’ for little droplets in aerosols and sprays to make them last longer in the air such as medicine.

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Soap bubbles are by essence fragile and ephemeral. We design bubbles made of a composite liquid film able to neutralize all these effects and keep their integrity for more than one year in a standard atmosphere,” said the study’s authors.

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