BellaBot Cat Robot
Developed by Pudu Robotics, the BellaBot is an innovative delivery robot that may soon be used at restaurants around the world, most recently at Sushi Island in Canada. Once activated, it can easily move, orient and navigate autonomously in highly dynamic, crowded environments. It comes equipped with intelligent induction trays that can be used to deliver food to 3-4 tables at a time. After arrive at the set table, the light strip beside the tray starts to flash, reminding patrons to pick up the food. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Aside from delivery mode, BellaBot can be set to Cruise mode to deliver simple snacks or dishes from the buffet. If used in a non-restaurant setting, the robot can walk around the front door of a shopping center or stage area. If someone is celebrating a birthday, just switch to birthday mode to have BellaBot deliver a cakes, complete with music.

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We were there on Saturday. Bella is a treat and was quite amusing to my children & myself. Way to go Sushi Island. Does not replace the human interaction at all, just allows for less physical contact. I am impressed. Can it sing?,” said one of the guests at Sushi Island.


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