China Quantum Radar Stealth Aircraft Technology
China’s new high-definition radar system may be a game changer for warfare, as it provides a much more detailed image of targets while itself remains nearly impossible to difficult. These systems could provide users with enough detail to identify aircraft, missiles, and other aerial targets by specific model. This is made possible under a principle known as quantum entanglement, where two particles can be linked together regardless of distance. Read more for a video and additional information.

That’s right, the system uses entangled microwaves to detect objects at a distance using just a few photons. The device is used to create pairs of entangled microwave photons using a superconducting device, called a Josephson parametric converter, that beams the first signal photon toward the object of interest and listens for the reflection. The second photon, called the idler photon, waits for the reflection to arrive, thus creating a signature that reveals how far the signal photon has traveled.
China Quantum Radar Stealth Aircraft Technology

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