China Space Solar Power Station Earth
Photo credit: The Daily Mail
China’s Academy of Space Technology is currently developing an orbital power station capable of capturing solar energy in space and then beam it back to Earth. Unlike terrestrial solar power plants, this one would be able to harness energy even if it’s cloudy back on Earth, since its photovoltaic array would be floating high above the ground at 23,000-miles. By transmitting this harvested energy back down to a facility in the form of high-frequency microwaves, it would reach Earth with minimal energy loss. Read more for a video and additional information.

If development is successful and the launch goes well by 2035, scientists in China hope to test as well as launch more powerful versions through 2050. This means that it could not only beam clean energy to Earth, the power plant could possibly even power missions into interstellar space, as long as the beam is capable of precisely targeting spacecraft.

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