DCSX SEGA Dreamcast Portable Real Hardware
First released on November 27, 1998 in Japan, the SEGA Dreamcast is a video game console that was ahead of its time, mainly due to the hardware. It features a two-way 360 MIPS superscalar Hitachi SH-4 32-bit RISC CPU clocked at 200 MHz with an 8 Kbyte instruction cache and 16 Kbyte data cache and a 128-bit graphics-oriented floating-point unit delivering 1.4 GFLOPS, complete with a 100 MHz NEC PowerVR2 rendering engine. What if SEGA released a portable version before its demise in 2001? Meet the DCSX. Read more for an in-depth hands-on look at the Dreamcast portable.

Rather than use a weak system on chip, the DCSX utilizes the original hardware, including the VMU (Visual Memory Unit) and gamepad. Despite its massive size, the battery is good for up to 4+ hours of gameplay. One thing you may notice is that games still need to be loaded on an SD card, and that’s because the portable relies on GDEMU, a memory card based replacement for the original Dreamcast GD-ROM / CD-ROM drive, since these easily wear out and fail over time.

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