Did You Know Gaming Canceled Nintendo DS Zelda Game Heroes of Hyrule
Did You Know Gaming takes a fascinating look back at Retro Studios’ canceled Nintendo DS Zelda game, titled ‘Heroes of Hyrule’. This game reportedly drew inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics and was never approved by Nintendo, so it never went past the planning stages, which means there is probably no alpha gameplay footage floating around.

What is story behind Heroes of Hyrule? Well, it reportedly would not have players assume the role of Link, but rather a boy named Kori who discovers a mysterious book. Around 100 years prior to the events of the game, Link was captured by Ganon trying to free Zelda, and three of his friends – a Goron (Dunar), a Rito (Seriph), and a Zora (Krel) – teamed up to rescue him. Each hero would represent one aspect of the Triforce, and after Kori discovers the book, the game would switch to strategy-inspired gameplay. This sounds even more interesting than the unreleased Super Mario Bros. PC port by id Software.

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