Ocean Software Green Lantern SNES Game
Ocean Software started development for a Green Lantern game back in 1991, or to be more specific, the first of three versions. The studio has previous successes releasing DC Universe games on the Amiga and PCs, so they wanted to branch out to home consoles. Unfortunately, the Green Lantern project was canceled after just a few months, that is until…the title was revived in 1993. At that time, they reused assets from their other games to continue development. Read more for a rare look at gameplay from this unreleased game.

There continued to be setbacks due to numerous changes as well as delays, so Green Lantern was eventually canceled outright forever. Historian Frank Gasking managed to get his hands on some gameplay footage and gaming historian Liam Robertson showcased it in this video for the world to see. For those who don’t follow comics, Green Lantern gets its power from rings that grant the character a variety of extraordinary powers, all of which come from imagination and/or emotions.

DC Collectibles Green Lantern Power Battery and Ring Prop Replica, Scale 1/1
  • Recreates the Power Battery & Ring used by DC Comics' legendary cosmic hero
  • 2013 Edition
  • Stands 11.5" tall
  • Includes ring prop
  • Ideal for any Green Lantern fan