Dodge Challenger 34-inch Wheels
Corey Jones, manager at Crusader Customsis in Illinois, took a 2017 Dodge Challenger RT and transformed it into this outrageous vehicle riding on 34-inch wheels. It took approximately 8-months to complete and involved opening up the fenders for wheel clearance, a color-shifting paint job, and various color-cycling LED lights throughout the vehicle. Plus, the headliner now has star lights, but unlike in a Rolls-Royce, these are capable of color-shifting. When all was said and done, Jones invested approximately $100,000 into this car. Read more for a video and additional information.

Besides rolling the fenders to make room for the wheels, there were several mechanical upgrades required as well, but Jones doesn’t go into much detail about those. However, he did make sure the ride was comfortable and functional enough to use as a daily driver.

The inside is all custom too. Everything from the door panels, speaker, stitch seats, steering wheel – a lot of work and a lot of money went into the build. I even have a remote that makes stars come on in the roof. Some people hate it, but I don’t care. I love it. You’ve got to do a lot of different things to get a car like this right,” said Jones.