EHang Pilotless Air Taxi
Ehang successfully completed its first US flight for its 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle just a few weeks ago, and unlike the 184 model, this one can seat two-passengers, making it perfect for future air taxi services. So far, the company has made 2,000 passenger-grade flight tests of its Autonomous Aerial Vehicles in varying weather conditions, including winds of 43 mph as well as in fog with poor visibility. Read more for a video and additional information.

The 216 comes equipped with 16 independent rotors located across eight arms that surround the bottom of the passenger cabin, and is capable of hitting a top speed of 80 mph with a cruising speed of 62 mph. When fully charged, the 216 has a flight time of around 21-minutes, and that’s with a payload capacity of 485 pounds at a maximum altitude of 9,840 feet above sea level. Its cabin features a large panoramic windshield and two gull-wing doors, while passengers can enter their destination from the options displayed on its 12-inch touch panel.