Emile Leray Citroen C2V Car Turned Motorcycle Morocco Shara Desert
Emile Lerey, a French engineer, found himself stranded in the Sahara Desert after his Citroën 2CV broke down during a 1993 trip to Morocco. Unfortunately, the closest town was around 20-miles away, so he came up with the idea of scrapping his vehicle and transforming it into a motorbike. He started by removing the vehicle’s body and using it as a shelter. Next, the chassis was shortened before fixing the axles and equipping it with three of the four wheels. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

After 12 long days, his creation was complete, complete with a handmade seat and a front-mounted engine. To start the motorbike, he just had to press the ignition button on the handlebar. All was not smooth sailing after though, as several mechanical issues caused him to be stopped by authorities on his way to Tan-Tan, which resulted in a 450 Euro fine due to the motorbike not resembling the Citroën 2CV it was made from at all.

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Emile Leray Citroen C2V Car Turned Motorcycle Morocco Shara Desert
Emile Leray Citroen C2V Car Turned Motorcycle Morocco Shara Desert

In 1993, I went to Morocco; it’s a country I know well that I’ve been to many times. The problem came in a little village called Tilemsen, where the military stopped me. So, the military demanded that I stop at this road and return to Tan-Tan. I didn’t do that—I pretended to return towards Tan-Tan. I went several kilometers, but unfortunately, I hit a rock and I destroyed the front axle and destroyed the chassis,” said Leray.