Evercade Retro Handheld
Photo credit: The Retro Future
Retrogaming fans rejoice! Evercade is an all-new handheld console that uses its own retro style game cartridges – giving you a super simple, instant gaming experience – like the classic days. Featuring a 4.3” screen (the same size as the PSP) and TV output, so you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite titles at home or on the go. They plan to launch 2-5 cartridges this year alongside the 10 cartridges that will be available from launch. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

On a full charge, you can expect up to 4.5-hours of playtime, and connecting to an external display is as simple as using its integrated mini HDMI port.Evercade is slated to launch in the United States on May 22nd, while Amazon pre-orders begin at Amazon on April 5th. Current retail pricing has the console set at $79.99, or more, depending on if you want games bundled with the console.

Evercade Premium Pack Includes 3 Cartridges Collections: Atari Volume 1, Interplay Volume 1 and Dataeast Volume 1 - Electronic Games
  • "The evercade is a retro handheld Console; supports 8 and 16 bit games; HDMI connectivity to connect to your TV; up-scaled graphics to HD; 4.3" Screen; supports saving & loading your game; includes Atari data East & interplay 1 collection cartridges.
  • Full list of Atari games on cartridge: adventure (2600); alien brigade (7800); adventure (2600); asteroids (2600): Canyon Bomber (2600); Centipede (2600); crystal castles (2600); desert Falcon (2600); double dunk (2600);
  • Food fight (7800); gravitar (2600); Missile command (2600); motor Psycho (7800); night driver (2600); Ninja golf (7800); steeplechase (2600); Sword quest Earth world (2600); tempest (2600); video pinball (2600); yars return (2600).
  • Full list of data East games on cartridge: bad Dudes; Burger time; burnin' Rubber (Bump & jump); Fighter's history; Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics; karate champ; magical drop 2; Midnight resistance; side pocket and two crude Dudes.
  • Full list of interplay games on cartridge: battlechess; boogerman; clayfighter; earthwork jim; incantation and Titan.