Fast 9 Trailer RED Hydrogen One
Photo credit: Engadget
As of October 24, 2019, RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone was officially shut down, but unfortunately, the company had already paid for product placement in the upcoming Fast 9 movie. That’s right, this $1295 smartphone is seen in the movie’s new trailer on the dashboard of Dom’s car . Why? Well, when production began in June 2019, RED was even contemplating releasing a second generation handset. Read more for the trailer and additional information.

The official trailer only features the actual smartphone display briefly and it appears to be used as a radar system of sorts. However, it’s fitting that Dom would be using this smartphone, especially since the titanium Hydrogen One was touted as being ultra rugged. Could it also be a weapon? You’ll have to wait until May 22nd for when the movie hits theaters to find out.