Folding iPhone Display Foldable
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is eyeing a 2023 launch for its folding iPhone, and the screen could measure between 7.5 and 8-inches. Strange Parts’ Scotty Allen decided that was a bit too long of a wait, so he decided to make his own, sort of. He purchased two flexible AMOLED displays off e-commerce website AliExpress, with one being just 0.3mm thick and very flexible, while the other slightly more rigid. Read more for a video to show the results of this experiment.

Since you can’t just connect iPhone hardware to any flexible OLED display, Scotty used a Raspberry Pi 4 to see if they worked. How so? He connected to mini computer to the iPhone via Wi-Fi and then proceeded to mirror the display. The AMOLED screens were then plugged into HDMI adapter boards and connected to the output of the Raspberry Pi 4. As you can see, there are limitations to both of the displays, but in 2-years, we expect Apple to work all of this out.

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