Ford Lane-Keeping Smart Bed
Ford’s all-new Lane-Keeping Bed “applies car tech know-how to ensuring that even the most selfish bed mate stays firmly ‘in their lane’ through the night,” according to the automaker. It draws inspiration from Ford’s lane-keeping aid system which is available in almost every one of their new vehicles, thanks to camera-based systems which help you avoid inadvertently straying out of your lane. “Lane-Keeping Aid in our cars can make driving easier and more comfortable. We thought that showing how similar thinking could be applied to a bed, would be a great way to highlight to drivers a technology that they might not previously have been aware of,” said Anthony Ireson, director, Marketing Communications at Ford of Europe. Read more for a video and additional information.

“This technology inspired Ford to build a bed that uses pressure sensors to identify when ‘someone has strayed from their side of the bed and gently returns them to where they should be with the help of an integrated conveyor belt.’ Yes, it’s that simple and, judging by the video at the top, it seems to be working great,” reports Motor1.