Fry's Electronics Closes
Some are even surprised that Fry’s Electronics, the go-to chain for technology enthusiasts, has gone the way of RadioShack and Circuit City. Starting with just a single Sunnyvale store in 1985, the chain operated 34 stores in nine states by 2019, and as of last month, it was down to 28 stores. What really set these apart from its competitors were the outlandish themes at some of its locations, ranging from a crashed UFO to Aztec ruins and even “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Unfortunately, these crazy themes gave the company even more of a burden than an experience when things went south, as empty shelves lined the cavernous stores, making them a shell of what they once were. Operations have entirely ceased and the wind-down of locations is effective immediately, but customers with electronics being repaired in-store can still pick them up.

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Fry's Electronics Closes