Game Developer Voice Activated Face Mask
Photo credit: Medium
Game designer and developer Tyler Glaiel has created an interesting voice-activated face mask, or to be more specific, a panel of LED lights that can mimic someone talking or smiling even when the protective cloth is worn. This mask basically consists of an 8×8 set of LED lights in a flexible matrix that fits in the pocket of a standard face mask, which are linked with electrical tape to a 9-volt battery and a microphone. An Arduino Nano microcomputer contains the software coded to run everything. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

When the mask is activated, two horizontal lines of lights appear. As you begin speaking, the microphone detects the sound and the lights shift into a circle and back to mimic a mouth opening / closing. As an Easter egg of sorts, when the wearer clicks their tongue, the light pattern morphs into a smile.

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Game Developer Voice Activated Face Mask
Game Developer Voice Activated Face Mask
Game Developer Voice Activated Face Mask

This is a fairly easy electronics project and anyone age 15+ should be able to make this mask. That said, please be careful while working. Wear safety goggles while soldering or snipping connections, make sure to unplug the soldering iron when you aren’t using it, and be very careful when wearing the mask itself,” said its creator.