Google Maps Submerged Plane Crooked Island Bahamas
File this under: strange places on Google Maps. That’s right, this might be an optical illusion or an actual submerged plane that can be found at the coordinates 22.6783072,-73.8283369 off the coast of Crooked Island in the Bahamas. According to the Aviation Safety Network, there have been numerous airplane crashes in the Bahamas and this sighting could be as recent as one from 1997.

One other logical theory is that this was just a satellite imaging processing error, or in other words, the plane was flying normally over this area and Google merged two satellite images together at the same spot. Google typically captures multiple images of the same location in different color bands (red, green and blue) before combining the frames to form a true color photo. However, each frame is not captured at the same time, thus resulting in these types of glitches.

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