Google The Descent of the Serpent Adventure Game
Google’s The Descent of the Serpent is a free adventure game that basically teaches you about ancient Mesoamerica civilizations. This web-based game was developed in collaboration with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology and features multi-level mazes set in jungles, mountains, caves, coasts and more.

Players will find detailed costumes, ball games, mythology and amazing architecture that showcases ancient Mesoamerican culture, which has left behind a great legacy of knowledge as well as various artifacts once used in rituals, warfare and daily life. If this game has piqued your interest in ancient Mesoamerican culture, you can head on over to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City to see some of these artifacts in real-life. Try it out here now. For some more nostalgic gaming fun, be sure to dig up your copy of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure.

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Google The Descent of the Serpent Adventure Game

The game involves retrieving the lost objects and returning them to Chichen Itza in time for the solar equinox. That’s when the sun casts a shadow on the carvings in a way that resembles a snake descending the monument’s steps — which inspires the game’s name,” said Hugo Martinez McNaught, Senior Manager, Government Affairs & Public Policy – Mexico & Central Region.

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