GTA V Iron Man Nanosuit Mod
Photo credit: Car Scoops
The GTA X Scripting crew has just unveiled their latest GTA V mod, and it’s the pre-release 1 of the Iron Man Endgame Nanosuit. To obtain the same performance that you’re about to see in the preview video, you’ll probably need a system comparable to the Intel i7 4770 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 760 4GB GPU, and 8 GB of DDR3 memory it’s running on now. Read more for the video and additional information.

For those who don’t know, this armor features even more advanced nanotechnology compared to its predecessor, which not only forms modules, but also enables it to generate energy fields. It’s made from Smart Gold-Titanium Nano-Particles, giving it greater adaptability, durability, power and flexibility. It can be deployed and disintegrated within seconds.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Mech 76140 Kids’ Superhero Mech Figure, Building Toy with Iron Man Mech and Minifigure (148 Pieces)
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  • Imaginations soar when young superheroes open the mech's cockpit, insert the Iron Man minifigure, position the mech’s arms and legs for action, and fire the stud shooter at approaching enemies!
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