Half-Life 2 Remake Unreal Engine 5 UE5
TeaserPlay is back at it again, and their latest project is a Half-Life 2 remake in Unreal Engine 5. Not just cut scenes, they recreated City 17 from Half-life 2 in Unreal Engine 5 using Lumen, Nanite and Ray-Tracing. They attempted to give the overall picture of a possible remake and clarify the expectations of the game’s fans for Valve.

Fans have been waiting for Half-Life 2: Episode Three ever since Half-Life 2: Episode Two was released back in October of 2007. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Valve has only released three pieces of concept art as of yet, despite releasing at least ten other games since then, along with the Steam Deck. There is still no definitive word on if we’ll ever see an official sequel, so these fan-made projects will have to hold you over for now. Want to see more? This Portal remake in UE5 is just as impressive.

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