Half-Life Alyx Levitation Mod
The fan-made Half-Life Alyx Levitation mod had some gameplay revealed as part of the PC Gaming Show. This 7-minute clip basically follows Alyx exploring an abandoned skyscraper and mining facility, complete with combine soldiers as well as headcrab zombies causing problems.

Unlike Half-Life Black Mesa, Half-Life Alyx Levitation is more of an expansion rather than a complete overhaul, one that begins after the G-Man-starring finale. Alyx dives head first into the Quarantine Zone to respond to a distress call, while a duo of resistance members have gone missing investigating a floating apartment. It’s expected to be released in Q3 2022 and you can expect approximately a 4-5 hours add-on experience to the original game. Modders Shawn Snelling and Corey Laddo states that the Levitation mod will be free for all owners of Half-Life: Alyx.

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