Halo: Reach Pizza Time
When The Master Chief Collection was finally announced for the PC last month, one overtly happy Reddit user made a comment saying they would buy the first responding 343 employee a pizza, in which Brian Jarrard, also known as “ske7ch343,” replied to. One pizza was delivered, and then an avalanche of other orders from random fans started pouring into the 343 Industries office. Halo modder Lord Zedd decided to pay tribute with a strange mod that transforms all of the game’s textures and text into pizza-related items, including sound effects. If you don’t want to hear โ€œItโ€™s Pizza Time!โ€ a million times, we recommend muting the video once it starts. Read more for the mod as well as the video explaining how the meme all got started.

“It was done on a modded Xbox 360 using a modded copy of Reach. After adding in the sound effects and pizza textures, Zedd used a small program they created to mass replace all the textures in the game with pizza. A simple code change was all that was needed to get all text in the game to display ‘Itโ€™s Pizza Time!,'” reports Kotaku.

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