Hilton Starlab Space Station Astronaut Suites
We have the floating, solar-powered Anthénea Hotel Suite on Earth, but Hilton has partnered with the Voyager Starlab space station as well as Lockheed Martin to bring the same experience to astronauts. Aside from creating modern hospitality suites and sleeping arrangements, Hilton is set to also collaborate with Voyager to examine opportunities for marketing of the space station and astronaut experiences onboard.

How did this partnership happen? It all began with Hilton’s “cookies in space” in early 2020, when astronauts on the ISS baked DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies as the first experiment in baking food in space. Voyager, along with its parent company Nanoracks, are currently developing the Starlab space stations in partnership with Lockheed Martin. The first one aims to be operational in low Earth orbit as early as 2027. It will then become one of four being built by U.S. companies with help from NASA contracts as the agency prepares to retire the International Space Station (ISS) in 2030.

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Hilton Starlab Space Station Astronaut Suites

It’s almost like looking at it with a fresh set of eyes and saying: ‘How do we re-imagine this experience,’ For decades, discoveries in space have been positively impacting life on Earth, and now Hilton will have an opportunity to use this unique environment to improve the guest experience wherever people travel,” said Christopher Nassetta, Hilton CEO.

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