Honda e Prototype Dual Touchscreen
The 2020 Honda e prototype features a high-tech interior, starting with a dashboard that accommodates a whopping five screens. The outer 6″ panels display video from the side cameras, while the one in front is an all-digital 8.98″ instrument cluster. What really sets this apart from other electric vehicles are the two main 12.3″ touchscreens. Honda has just released a video showing just how easy it is to drag and drop tiles between them, as well as a “Vehicle Settings” section that offers 360° video of the electric car. Read more for the video and additional information.

Similar to the Tesla Model 3 / S / X, the Honda E will also have a digital key, or in other words, a smartphone app is used to lock and unlock the vehicle. The app can also send you alerts whenever the vehicle is moved outside of its pre-established geo-fence zone. Whether it be Bluetooth audio, accessing the multi-view camera, HDMI connectivity, apps, or just using smartphone-like personal assistant, this video attempts to cover it all.