Human Headphones Hands-On
We covered the Human Headphones a couple weeks ago, but they’ve already started shipping, and they may perform better than it looks. These wireless headphones do away with the headband, and have been designed to adapt to the physical structure of your ear. In other words, each of the earpieces is mounted directly on the ear. They can also be used as language translator, with support for 11 different languages. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

As for music, the company promises “great dynamic range from deep bass to high notes, accuracy of instruments, with a full sound stage.” You can expect up to nine hours of continuous use on a full charge, while the headphones have a wireless reach of up to 100 ft. Plus, if you snap the two earpieces together, they double as a Bluetooth speaker.

“We could not just adopt the traditional headphone or in-ear designs because in doing so, you also adopt their fundamental legacy issues and limitations, with product comfort being one of the largest problems for both. By going back to the drawing board, we were able to both construct an entirely new form that is really driven by the anatomy of all human ears to set a new bar for comfort, while additionally opening up device real estate for the technology needed in delivering a very powerful hardware and software platform,” said the company’s co-founder Ben Willis.


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