Iguana X100 Beach Crawler Tank
It’s a boat…It’s a tank…It’s the Iguana X100? At first glance, this appears to be a normal boat on the water, but head towards land, and Caterpillar-sourced tank treads appear, giving the 32-foot amphibious watercraft the ability to approach the shore and drive onto land. It an even tackle straight-line inclines of 29 degrees, or in other terrain, it can go past 45 degrees. Read more for a video and additional information.

When you’re on land, the track’s skid-steer functionality lets the person at the controls easily maneuver the boat into just about any position. The boat is powered by 300-horsepower outboard engines in the rear, which enable it to hit a top speed of 50 mph. Its 40-gallon fuel tank is good for around 150 miles. As you might have guessed, this $241,520 boat isn’t something you drive on the street, but rather back to a parking spot in your beach side mansion.


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