Infinity Saucelet Gauntlet Unnecessary Inventions
Photo credit: UI
Matt Benedetto specializes in creating unnecessary inventions, and while we’ve featured his work before, he’s back with another round of things you probably don’t need, but wouldn’t mind having. Starting off, we have the Infinity Saucelet, which is basically the Infinity Gauntlet power stones replaces with McDonalds (or any other fast food establishment) sauces. “In one snap of my fingers all your fast food dreams will come to life. This extremely powerful gauntlet can wield the power of all of your favorite fast food sauces all at once. Cover everything in sauce… whatever it takes,” said Matt. Read more to see his latest creations.

10. The Baguette Pack

9. LookBak Spectacles

8. HandyBowl

7. The Tear-Rings

6. LEGO Socks

5. RoadHold

4. SockLocker

3. Crocs Gloves

2. Incognito Kicks

1. The Pizza FannyPack


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