iPhone Guitar iCaster
Art Mayer of Russia’s Copper Guitars is known for this crazy builds, including a guitar made from 36 ramen noodle packs, and now, he’s unveiled his latest project, the iCaster. This Tele model guitar was crafted from 107 iPhones that have been gutted of their electronic internals. He then glued them together in a block roughly four phones thick before carving out the body, which sports a mahogany sustain block, using a Tele-style template.

Next, he smoothed out the jagged metal edges, attached the neck and then installed the electronics, including a Tele-style bridge as well as a pair of Fokin single coil pickups. While it may be fully charged and ready to go, it doesn’t have all the features of a traditional guitar, but it does have a Tele twang.

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