Xbox Series X Leak
Photo credit: Doug DragoX
We’re still many months away from the launch of Microsof’t Xbox Series X, but leaked images of a prototype console have already surfaced on Twitter. From what’s visible, we can see an optical audio port, two USB-A ports, Ethernet, power, a single HDMI port, a rectangular slot for diagnostic reporting and lots of vents. Read more for a video render based on this leak and additional information.

To keep track of who these prototype units are going out to, Microsoft serially numbered these consoles and included an “Xbox Product Name Placeholder” label to ensure that none show up on eBay, Craigslist, etc. One new feature that the Xbox Series X will include are “auto low-latency mode,” “Variable Rate Shading,” and “dynamic latency input” technology, all of which form a new dynamic latency input pathway that allows developers to incorporate potential controller lag into their games as well as improve responsiveness.

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